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Changing password or any information submitted while registering, is available through the Account Info tab, from the main menu placed on the left side of your screen, while you are logged in in the Platform. If you forgot your password and you can't log in, you have the option to reset it on the log-in page. For this, you must have access to the email you registered with. If not, your Affiliate manager will be happy to assist you.

Investing.com affiliate network is part of the well-established www.Investing.com Financial Portal. Our network was created in order to help affiliates generate higher revenues from their website traffic by utilizing our extensive knowledge in media management and strong position in the financial markets.

By joining our Affiliate Network, affiliates from all around the world will benefit Investing.com exclusive offers, that we received due to the deeply rooted relations we have with the top financial brands in the industry. In addition to this, affiliates will receive access to dozens of financial tools used by over 20K publishers worldwide, that will improve their user's experience while monetizing their traffic. We are a "one stop shop" network, where affiliates will enjoy from managing their traffic monetization through one interface, with the maximum geo and language coverage, and of course, the maximum responsibility and punctuality when receiving their payments.

It's very simple: Sign up to our network, apply for any of the offers we have published, promote them through the material we provide you, and start earning!

Joining the Investing.com Affiliate Network is very easy. Simply click on "JOIN NOW" button, fill in your details in the Registration Page, and submit your application. Once your application is reviewed and accepted, one of our Affiliate managers will contact you and provide you all the information needed in order to start promoting our various offers.

No, there aren't.

You can check it on your Affiliate account portal. The Dashboard screen will show you the current month performance summary, together with its breakdown report, per offer and per creative.

All reports on the affiliate dashboard are presented in real time.

Once you have selected the offer from the Offers tab, you will have all kinds of creatives available, and links to refer your traffic to the offer's registration page. All the tracking links you generate from your Affiliate portal account already include your unique affiliate ID. Any traffic generated through your tracking links is fully monitored by our system. Make sure to implement your tracking links as they are provided to you so any traffic you refer will be shown under your account's reports.

After you registered in our Affiliate Network and your registration has been approved, you will have all offers available for you to apply under the Offers tab. Once your Affiliate manager's has reviewed and approved your request, you will be able to start promoting them!

Payment is issued to affiliates who have reached minimum $500 profit. For any special request, please contact your Affiliate manager.

Affiliates Payments are issued between the 23-27 of the following month.

Affiliates commission is available through Wire Transfer, Paypal and Neteller.

In the affiliate portal you will find the name and email of your Affiliate manager. Please feel free to contact your Affiliate manager through that e-mail, or send an e-mail to our general Affiliates support e-mail at affiliate.network@investing.com

We have all kinds of marketing material: from banners, e-mails and links to promote brands directly, to sophisticated widgets, which include our Comparison Tables (that contains all offers available in each vertical), and of course our financial tools (e.g.: economic calendar, live currency cross rates, etc.) that will also allow you to promote brands directly.

After applying to any offer and once your application is approved, you will gain access to all creatives included in that offer. Simply go to the Creative tab in the offer card and check out all the creatives under that offer. Download the material you wish to use, and generate your personal offer link to track the traffic you bring from your promotion.

In the offer's Creatives tab you will be able to view and download any creative you wish to add to your website. Simply download the creative, upload it to your website and associate it with it's tracking URL. Please don't hesitate to contact your Affiliate manager for any assistance needed.

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